Proto Axis Thermal Paintball Goggles

The Proto Axis is what should be the Proto Switch S.F upgrade. But there comes a moment when companies do a great mask and when trying to upgrade it all they do is change the design a little bit and if there are some complains on the previous model do some work there. There were no complains about the Switch though, so guess what proto changed so they can call the Axis an upgrade for the Switch. The design and the price of course. It stays a great mask, no second opinion there – and now it looks even better, but paying 10 bucks for a slight design change is not something anyone can afford. So to make this short – those of you who can afford the Axis get it…those who can’t get the Switch S.F. Features are almost the same, but here they are anyway:
• Deluxe woven goggle strap for comfort and durability.
• Tiger tooth strap buckles will allow you to adjust your strap for a custom fit and bite down to secure the strap.
• The multi-ported ear piece provides unrestricted audible transfer to take place without sacrificing any ear protection.
• Incredibly simple 1/4 turn buckle (patent pending) makes the hassle of changing lenses a thing of the past. Simply turn the locking tabs to the right to unlock your lens frame. Pop out your old lens, drop in a new one, place the frame over the lens into position, and turn your tabs back again to lock it in.
• Multi-directional venting drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging. The venting also assists in keeping you cool and breathing easy.
• Self venting, low profile and removable, the Switch visor is able to pivot up and down for easy lens replacement.
So for those of you haven’t read the previous review the Proto Axis costs $59.95 and is exactly 10 bucks more that the Switch S.F. the colors it comes in are blue and grey and for those who like yellow and are not ashamed of wearing it the yellow ones come at a price of $34.95 (I’m not kidding). That’s it. Everything has been said – your job is to decide.

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