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Proto Switch F.S. Thermal Paintball Goggles


No paintball mask is perfect, but this one gets pretty damn close. it is not that much different than the previous one reviewed judging by the given features, but there are some major differences which take its performance on a higher level. The main difference is that the thing is not made as one-piece construction and is softer than the Switch L.E. What’s the difference – with this one you can count on bounces and it definitely feels more comfortable than its predecessor. Many of the things as kept the same such as the great performance, the wide range of view, the clarity of the lenses, the strongly made construction, the easy lens removal, but there are some things that have been improved – like the comfort level, the fogging problem (although we said that the Switch L.E fogs in extreme conditions it still fogs – this one does not fog at all), even the design although it hasn’t changed that much. Overall they’ve cleaned up the bad things we found in the Switch L.E. See the features:

• Silicone woven rubber goggle strap. The retention strap is design to be adjusted to fit your head and stay fitted to your head.
• Tiger tooth strap buckles will allow you to adjust your strap for a custom fit and bit down to secure the strap. Just set it and forget it.
• The multi-ported ear piece provides unrestricted audible transfer to take place without sacrificing any ear protection.
• The incredibly simple 1/4 turn buckle (patent pending) makes the hassle of changing lenses a thing of the past. Simply turn the locking tabs to the right to unlock you lens frame. Pop out your old lens, drop a new one in, place the frame over the lens into position, and turn the tabs back again to lock it in.
• Uni-directional venting drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging. The venting also assists in keeping you cool and breathing easy.
• The first triodial lens in the world of paintball. Giving the player the ultimate in vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All Switch lenses have perfect optical clarity, setting a new standard in visual performance.
• Self venting, low profile and removable, the Switch visor is able to pivot up and down for easy lens replacement.
And if you think after all those modifications they’ve boosted up the price – you’ll be half right. How come? You would’ve been right if I was writing this review 2 years ago. The price then was around 85 bucks – which believe it or not are so worthy for this mask. Still if you think that now, you’ll be totally wrong – the mask costs $49.98. Make the math. And it comes in green and black and if you put up with a grey color you’ll pay less – $39.98. That is if you don’t dawdle too much and get one right now. It is indeed a good product on a normal price.

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  • Manuel October 13, 2011, 2:24 am

    i want the mask where can i get it???