Proto Switch E.L. Anti Fog Single Paintball Goggle

The Proto Switch E.L is one of the cheapest masks on the market. It costs only $29.95, but don’t be fooled by the price and consider it cheap crap – the mask is actually pretty good. It performs very well and although it doesn’t look awesome it’s not some ugly thing. And now that we covered the visual part, let’s move to the better one – performance. Believe it or not, this mask performs better than some of the much expensive ones out there – it is toughly built and unless you’re purposely scratching the thing it will last you for quite some time looking like new. Ok, it’s not the most comfortable mask, but there are crappier ones, trust me – the most irritating part is the chin strap that tends to be quite difficult to adjust, but once you do it will keep that thing on your head so tightly that you won’t have to worry of loosing it somewhere on the field. The lenses are awesome – those are the clearest lenses ever (that come stock of course) and you get really, really wide view range. Venting works fine, too, although when put in extreme conditions the lenses may fog a little bit. The lens change is the easiest – there are just two knobs you have to twist and pull out and the lens pops right out – with some practice you can get the time for doing that down to 15 secs. Features include:
• Deluxe woven goggle strap for comfort and durability.
• Tiger tooth strap buckles will allow you to adjust your strap for a custom fit and bite down to secure the strap.
• The multi-ported ear piece provides unrestricted audible transfer to take place without sacrificing any ear protection.
• Incredibly simple 1/4 turn buckle (patent pending) makes the hassle of changing lenses a thing of the past.  Simply turn the locking tabs to the right to unlock your lens frame.  Pop out your old lens, drop in a new one, place the frame over the lens into position, and turn your tabs back again to lock it in.
• Multi-directional venting drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging.  The venting also assists in keeping you cool and breathing easy.
• The first tirodial lens in the world of paintball.  All Switch lenses have perfect optical clarity, setting a new standard in visual performance.
• Self venting, low profile and removable, the Switch visor is able to pivot up and down for easy lens replacement.
• Solid, light weight, one-piece construction face mask protects you from paintball impacts.
The thingy comes in black and green and is really something worth considering if you can’t afford something pricier. The goggles have their flaws, but as I already said there are much worse ones out there on an even higher price. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know it – those are a Dye products…for 30 bucks. Do you really need more convincing?