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Empire Helix Thermal Goggles


This is the cheapest goggles in the Empire menu and surprisingly they get better reviews than the Cylus ones. Actually this is something very different than the Cylus and its inheritors. The Helix is a hard plastic mask and has absolutely no rubber features like the other ones presented. Many people like it as being hard plastic does not mean it is uncomfortable. It is padded with dual density foam which makes it really comfortable to your face. Being hard plastic does make it a little bit heavier, but it’s not something you didn’t expected, right? It’s tough dough…also something that’s expected. It actually comes in 3 versions – thermal, single and field and all models come with a Vents “Browser” (combined Visor and Brow Shield). Features:
• Lightly tinted thermal lens – dual paned lens will not fog
• Dual density foam – Long-lasting, comfortable foam
• Hard mask
• Plastic lens clip
• Visor
Just like with the other Empire goggles those ones simply don’t fog, so no worries there.  But still its biggest advantage before the others is its price. The Helix costs $24.95 which you have to admit, when compared to the other Empire goggles, is like a present. Being so cheap makes it very affordable to people unable to buy something pricier. It’s a little bit sadder that the only color you can find it in is green, but for all of you who like green guess this is good news, right. And in conclusion – for all of you who can’t afford pricy goggles this is something you should consider getting. It’s not the best, but hey do you really expect it to be?

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