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Empire Vents Cylus Goggle


This is actually the first of the Empire Vents goggles series. Only by saying that you have to guess that the previous two goggles reviewed are much better ones. But it all has to start from somewhere and in this case it starts with the Cylus. For the time those were very good goggles no matter the somehow weak performance and the problems they caused. Right now I would not recommend getting the Cylus and I will explain why – not they are bad goggles, but they have some major weaknesses like the crappy venting. It may be ok in colder weather, but in hot one it seems like it’s not even working. Basically you don’t have problem with the air coming in, but when it comes to it coming out of the mask…well most of it doesn’t…causing the hot air to get caught inside… it’s not something nice trust me. They too cause echo in the mask like with the Avatar – it is something you can get used to, but still. It’s not that flexible and bounces are not something you can count on (the Avatar and the E-Vent get a lot of bounces). The ear protection simply sucks…it is plastic with absolute no padding inside and totally uncomfortable (luckily this pretty well upgraded with the next two masks). Well that’s about it on the bad side. Check the features:
• One piece dual molded Mask
• Clear Lens (Thermal)
• Brow Shield
• Dual Density Foam
• Metal Forehead Logo
• Grey and Black Vents Strap
• Micro fiber goggle bag
I forgot to mention that they come with clear lenses only, but you can always get lenses in addition if you so insist on it. But if we leave the disadvantages aside this is a really comfortable mask – the foam padding is the same as with the next two and fits really nice and comfy to your head. It never fogs and it looks good too although the next two designs are upgraded towards the better. It is also very cheap costing only $34.95. As to the colors – green, black, grey are the only choices you get (now that the next versions are out. But as I already said I won’t recommend you getting this, especially with the Avatar and the E-Vents on the market. I know they are pricier, but are also a lot better. And if you really can’t spend some 30 more bucks I suggest looking for some other mask. There are better ones out there on almost the same price.

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