Vents Avatar Thermal Paintball Goggles

The Avatar is the predecessor of the E-Vents goggles, and as I was thinking there are not too many differences between the two of them. The E-Vents are an upgrade of course so they are better, but not by much. The Avatar mask is pretty good one, too. It possesses most of the advantages of its inheritor which is only natural, but there are some stuff here to complain about that are bettered or even removed in the newer version. But I’ll mention those after I tell you some of the things I think I skipped in the previous review – like the fact that lens changing is a kids game (big in the advantage list). This can also be said about maintenance, too – it’s easy and fast (another big one on that same list. So before the bad stuff see the features:
• One piece dual molded mask
• Dark smoke thermal lens
• Micro fiber bag with 2nd lens (clear single)
• Dual density foam
• Includes brow shield and visor
• Color matched strap
• Color matched metallic logos
So the problems here are (once again they’re all taken care of in the E-Vents): echo – the venting system these goggles have tend to change your voice quite a bit and leaves an echo in them which can be pretty irritating, but once you get used to it, it won’t bother you that much. The fact that the lens stretches out to the side may also cause you problems because if you drop the mask you can scratch the lenses (this is something that stays with the next model, too). Other than that, it is just the same mask – a good one. It, too, comes with a package of goodies – 2 lenses (1 clear, 1 dark), 2 visors (1 full, and one reversed visor), 1 lens microfiber bag, and 1 goggle microfiber bag. But the thing here is that now (as the next version is out) it is cheaper – costing (I just have to say “only” as for the goodies you get it is “only”) $64.50. Colors are available, too. Not as many as with the E-Vents, but you get to chose from: red, blue, black, yellow (costing $44.95), green and gray. So as I said in the previous review this is a mask well worth your money – it is not cheap, but it’s the best for its price.