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Hybrid Contract Killer Men’s Paintball Jersey


The Hybrid killer much resembles the Dye C6 jersey we’re gonna talk about very soon. Just by mentioning Dye you should know that it’s a product adored by the players, especially when I tell you that it’s cheaper than the Dye C6 jersey. The Hybrid jersey looks nice although it’s way too colorful for my taste. But I can’t deny that the black, grey and white combination does look nice. Other than looking good the jersey has anything else you can expect from it. It is well padded – again where you need it most – at the elbows and shoulders, but it’s not heavy. It is actually very light and comfortable. It also nicely vented although some players complain that it can get a little hot at some point. The price for this one is $39.98 which is not bad although you can find cheaper ones with the same characteristics. What lacks here is the color option. Basically you get the only black/grey/white design. But it does look good. And at the end I know that’s a review which resembles the others very much, but the jerseys reviewed are almost equally good. At the end it’s just a matter of personal choice which one you will get. Just don’t forget the other matching apparel – sometimes that’s where the weak spots are.

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