Empire Invert SS Men’s Paintball Jersey

The Invert SS is a nice jersey for even a nicer price. It looks really good and for the price you pay you get a pretty good jersey although there are better ones out there. The Invert SS just like every other jersey out there is padded on the elbows, shoulders and your stomach area, but some players complain that the padding is not thick enough and you do need some more protection if you think of sliding and crawling a lot. But the padding does reduce the pain when hit in those areas, so it is something, right? The material the jersey is made of is very light and may not look stable, but I haven’t heard anyone complaining from rips so I guess that qualify the Invert SS as a durable jersey. The venting is great as the jersey has two huge sections of big wide open mesh that start from under the armpit and go all the way down. It keeps you cool even in the hottest days, but there’s a catch – those spaces covered with mesh kinda oblige you to wear a t-shirt under the jersey because if you don’t you’re pretty exposed before everyone in the field and basically begging them to try and shoot you there to see if they can leave an imprint with the net. And another reason for wearing t-shirt underneath is that the padding material is kinda irritating to the skin. So check the features, before we continue:
• You asked for Padding! The Invert jersey covers paintball specific zones with a light layer of cushion.
• Bottle Gripz Silicone Invert logos on the shoulders and arms. These help you keep your tank steady against your shoulder in todays high action games.
• Silicone Screened Invert Logo that helps grip your harness and keep it in place
• High output mesh venting on the chest and under arms. We vent the hot zones for you; you just worry about winning.
• Micro-ribbed cuffs to easily slip over your Ventz elbow pads and gloves
• Custom Camouflage sublimated patterns
As I said it’s a pretty good jersey for its price which is $39.98. and if you have the matching pants it’s for sure you’ll look great. One more thing – get a size or two up of what you’re wearing as some people say it shrinks when washed. Colors – blue, red, urban camo and woodland camo…it’s not much but they all look awesome. So as a conclusion – it’s not the best shirt out there, but it’s worth its price. Still if you’re just looking for a jersey and not matching it to some pants or other apparel I’ll advise you to get the Dye C6 which is at the exact same price. Yes, the Invert SS is newer, but the C6 is definitely better.