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Proto 08 Men’s Paintball Jersey


This is the last one of the Proto jerseys for now. As it is obvious by the name it carries this is the newer type of the 07 and 06 Proto jerseys. Both 07 and 06 were great – this is actually a combination between the two. Especially when it comes to design. They got the best of both designs and put it together creating the 08. The technological stuff didn’t change that much – I blame the great design of the 06 for that.  The thing here is that this is the newest of Proto jerseys and paintball players like having the newest, although it may be almost the same as something they already have. Anyways it’s a strategy and a working one as I can see. Features (not that they differ, but still):
• The new 2008 Proto Jersey features a patent pending silicone injection chest/shoulder pattern that improves aim stability and prevents bottle slippage.
• The V-neck collar and extra thick ribbed cuffs provide comfort and stretch durability.
• The Proto jersey also offers underarm and side torso venting for optimal air flow during play.
• Padded elbows help protect elbow joints and brightly colored sublimation keeps you looking stylish under fire.
• Additionally, the Proto jersey is constructed with an oversized extra-long torso for freedom of movement and comfort.
• Virtually impenetrable nylon overlock stitched seams hold up to abuse by rigorous play.
This one is of course pricier, as every latest jersey is. It costs $49.95 which makes it 15 bucks cheaper than the Dye C8. There are more colors available than with the 07 and o6 versions – blue, olive green, red, black/grey and Accu camo (which is kinda ugly if you ask me). It’s made for players that like to be geared with the latest fashion, no matter it’s price. If you’re one of them – go get this jersey, you won’t regret it.

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