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JT Team 07 Men’s Paintball Jersey


This is not one of the best looking jerseys I’ve seen. It looks more like a sweater to me, kinda ugly one. And it’s not only the design of the JT Team 07 that I don’t like. There is actually nothing special in it at all. Not that the other jerseys are special, but at least they have what’s necessary for a good paintball jersey – comfort, padding, looks. And those are the things that are missing here. I don’t know why they decided to go with the box cut design, but I don’t think it’s the most comfortable one, and it sure does not look good. And if you’re gonna make it wide and spacey at least put some padding on. There is absolutely none. There’s only one good thing that comes from that – venting, but still. See the features:
• JT only uses specifically engineered fabrics for your athletic needs. It wicks away moisture and keeps you drier and cooler in all weather
• A sublimated process gives your JT jersey lasting color
• The generous box cut design combined with mesh sides and under sleeve venting makes this Team jersey the coolest available
• Add the JT Stretch Knit cuffs and an SC collar and what you’ve got is one of the most sought after paintball jerseys
This is probably gonna be the only negative jersey review, but the JT Team 07 jersey is definitely not something I’ll buy. If it was cheap I may have thought about it, but at a price of $39.94 it is definitely out of my list. I’m sure there are gonna be people out there that are gonna like it – they can choose from black, grey, urban camo and desert camo as colors. But the way I see it, there are so many better made and looking jerseys out there for half the price, so there’s no point of spending your money on this particular one.

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