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Proto 06 Men’s Paintball Jersey


Not too many people know but Proto is a company owned by Dye. That’s the reason the Proto products are so similar to the Dye ones – which of course is nothing but a plus. The Proto 06 differ just a little bit from the Dye C6 – it is extremely good shirt. It is very durable and comfortable. It has the padding that the C6 has – a great one and it is greatly vented as well. I don’t know if I should say it, but my opinion is that they differ only in the design, although the differences are not that big, they practically look the same, too. That’s the reason I can’t say which one looks better. Actually they both look awesome. I like the simple clear lines very much. Check the proto 06 features:
 V-Neck Collars – Stylish and comfortable with a microinjection logo
 Silicone Sticky Grip – Stabilizes you gun and steadies your aim. Patent pending
 Stitched Piping – Stylistic additive for superior form

 Padded Elbows – Forearm and elbow pads for aggressive play

 Side Venting – New for 06! Allows exceptional air flow for maximum temperature control
 High Cut Backs – New for 06! The new high cut back prevents your harness from getting tangled in your jersey, allowing total range of motion

 Vented Neck – New for 06! 80% of your body heat escapes from your head, we’re just helping out

 Shorter Cuffs – New for 06! Half sized cuffs for a more comfortable fit while wearing gloves.
There’s one real difference though – the price. I don’t know why, but the Proto jerseys are cheaper than the Dye ones. Guess Dye depend on the brand name to sell their products at higher prices…and it works, most of the time. If you’re a Dye fan you’ll get nothing, but Dye products cause that’s what fans do. But if you don’t care of the brand that much, I recommend getting this one. It’s the closed thing to Dye you can find, only cheaper. The Proto 06 costs $29.94 and comes in olive green and red (since there are now 07 and 08 versions, but if you look harder you may find some more colors available). It is a jersey well worth, and if it’s really that close to Dye with the 07 and 08 out, it may be the worthiest of them all.

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