Tippmann Paintball Fusion Battle Jersey

This is a jersey made for woodsball play. Its digi camo pattern makes it very useful when you’re trying to stay invisible. It’s gonna be kinda weird f you decide to wear it for something other than woodsball, but if you like it why not. Besides its pattern it is also pretty well equipped for that woodsball play – the elbows are extremely well padded and it works awesome when you roll, dive, and shoot from the prone position. The venting is also something I should praise – very nicely done, but only for summer days. When the winter comes you may wanna wear something in addition to the jersey. Well, guess it’s time for the features:
• Effective tactical digi-camo pattern
• High neckline to protect against neck shots
• Ergonomic elbow padding for rolling, diving, and shooting from the prone position
• Super cool football mesh undarm
• Shoulder padding for increased comfort with tactical vests
It does come a little pricy – $54.95, but it’s a Tippman and you know they make good products. The thing is very, very durable and it is gonna last for a long time. If you’re a woodsball player and haven’t tried a digi camo jersey, you’ve missed out. Try one, who knows your game may get a little bit better. The jersey’s worthy. I’m not gonna mention other patterns as there are none, but this one should be good enough, although they did emphasized on the green, so I guess it’s gonna be kinda pointless to wear it in the winter.