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Smart Parts Defender Men’s Paintball Jersey


Guess there was a reason for the Fighter 03 to be lacking that padding everyone’s so persistent about. And the reason should be the Defender jersey – another jersey in the Smart Parts collection. The Defender is something like an upgrade for the Fighter 3 although it’s not continuing the name. It has similar design, but much better looking just like an upgrade should be, there is also a change in the collar – it is more V shaped than the with the Fighter 3. But the biggest difference is in the padding as I already mentioned – there is the elbow padding and some shoulder one as well. And all the other good stuff are kept, so don’t worry about that. Check the Defender features:
• Sport V-collar
• Crested crosshair
• Airflow lining
• Ribbed cuff
• Padded shoulders
• Padded and reinforced elbows
And as to the price – it is just a little bit higher than the Fighter 3 one, but this is a newer and upgraded model so it was expected. The Defender costs $29.50 which again puts it in the lower end of my price chart. So in conclusion – this is the Fighter 3 upgrade and no one can convince me in the opposite. The colors stay the same though (which is not bad at all) – blue, red and grey. Anyways, this is a great jersey for a great price. And now both camps – those who like padding and those who don’t – can be happy. The first ones can get the Defender and the second ones – the Fighter. No losers in the situation

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