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Smart Parts Fighter 3 Men’s Paintball Jersey


And if the Eclipse Distortion 08 jersey was between the priciest jerseys out there, the Fighter 3 definitely keeps the low end of that list. This time like just a few others I’m gonna start with the price – the Fighter 3 costs only $24.95, but is indeed a good jersey to play with. It can’t compete with something like Dye, but it has its strengths. Just like the Distortion 07 it is very light, again because of the lack of padding. It does have padded elbow area, but it’s not that thick and it is only there. Other than that it is a good jersey – it’s very comfortable, nicely vented, durable and awesome looking. And I wasn’t right comparing it to Dye when I have to compare it to Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 as they are somehow the same. Check this one’s features:
• Ribbed collar and cuff
• Moisture wicking fabric
• Sublimated graphics
• Airflow lining
• Padded reinforced elbow
The main differences are in the design – I personally prefer this one much, much better – it is nice, simple and sleek. The padded areas are different, but both absolutely not enough for those of you who like padded jerseys. And one more mistake of mine – it’s not the design that’s the biggest difference, it’s the price. The Fighter 3 is twice as cheaper as the Distortion 07 is. It is equally good though. And if you don’t have the money to spend for the Distortion 07, spend them for the Fighter 3 – you won’t regret it.

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