Eclipse Distortion 08 Men’s Paintball Jersey

Now that’s a design I can call really good one. Not that the Distortion 07 one was that bad, but as I said it was a little bit colorful for me. This one however keeps the main design accents (like logos and imprints), but with the use of darker colors kinda dull things out, making the jersey look absolutely great. It is the 07 updated version, which means that it keeps all the 07 good qualities and bring out some more new ones.  I’m not gonna repeat the entire review all over again, but will add up just the new stuff – they’ve changed the design (as you can see) (great move in my opinion), and they’ve added some more padding that was kinda lacking in the previous release, and the price of course. They’ve kept the features the same though so if you’ve read the 07 ones you may just skip those:
• Anti irritation transfer neck print
• Ribbed cuffs
• Expanded padded forearm protection for 08
• Air cool mesh venting
• Styled piping
• High contrast sublimated design
• Comfort hem finishing
• Microfiber internal lens cloth
Not too many changes, but it’s because the 07 didn’t need that much of an upgrade. They do added some more shades though – beside the grey, grey/red and grey/blue, now you can also get brown/yellow and red/gold (both looking very good). As I said the price changed, too. The Distortion 08 costs $59.99 which puts it between the expensive jerseys in my list. If you have the money this is the choice you should make, if you don’t and you can wait…wait, it’s gonna get cheaper with the time. If you can’t wait and need a new jersey – get the Distortion 07 version or a Dye C6 if you need the padding. But this, too is a jersey well worth the money you’re paying for it.