Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 Paintball Jersey

The Distortion 07 jersey can fairly compete with both Dye and Empire jerseys. It is one really well made product, but who doubt that since we’re talking about Planet Eclipse. The jersey is well designed although it’s a little too colorful for me, but again the personal opinion plays a big role here. Many people like it and I respect that. The main advantage the jersey has is that it is very (and I mean that), very light. It’s lighter than any Dye and any Empire. Of course that comes at a price and this time price is padding. The Distortion 07 has some padding on the forearm, but there’s absolutely none on the elbow and shoulder area. This goes both ways again – good and bad. Believe it or not, but there are players out there, who think padding is just a useless weight – if you’re one of them this is definitely the jersey for you. It is made out of two material and they both feel great to the body. It is one really comfortable shirt. Check the given features:
• Anti irritation transfer neck print
• Ribbed cuffs
• Section padded forearm protection
• Air cool mesh venting
• Styled piping
• High contrast sublimated design
• Comfort hem finishing
• Microfiber internal lens cloth
The venting is also very good (especially with the lack of padding). Another think that players define as great is the cuffs. They fit tight around your wrist and don’t allow the sleeves moving up when you move your arms. The price is normal – $49.98. We’ve seen cheaper and pricier so I put that somewhere in between. But if you do some digging around you can probably find it cheaper. Although this price is ok and well worth it. As to the shades you don’t get much of an option, but you still have some – blue/grey, red/grey and grey/grey. It is a nicely build jersey that works great with the other Distortion equipment – you won’t regret getting it.