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Empire Invert 2008 SE Paintball Jersey


If you’ve read the Empire Invert pants reviews you probably already know what my opinion to the Invert 08 SE jersey is. Again this is supposed to be some upgraded version of the Invert SS, but just like with the pants the only thing they’ve changes is the design. Oh yes, and the price, too. So I don’t think it is even necessary to make the same review all over again. And again just like with the pants the design they’ve “upgraded” I find worse. I’ll give you the features again, but if you’ve already read the SS review you can just skip it.
• You asked for Padding! The Invert SE jersey covers paintball specific zones with a light layer of cushion.
• Bottle Gripz Silicone Empire logos on the shoulders and arms. These help you keep your tank steady against your shoulder in today’s high action games
• Silicone Screened Empire Logo on the tail of the jersey that help grip your harness and keep it in place
• High output mesh venting on the chest and under arms. Being hot and uncomfortable is nobodies’ idea of fun. We vent the hot zones for you, you just worry about winning
• Micro-ribbed cuffs to easily slip over your ventz elbow pads and gloves
• Custom Digi Camo sublimated patterns
• Available in Sizes: S, M, L, XL
And the price is 10 bucks up – again just like with the pants- at a total of $49.95. Do you want to guess the colors, I bet you’ll be 90% right as there’s one more addition. So the shades are – Digi blue camo, Digi red camo, Digi urban camo, Digi woodland camo and the addition of US Army Digi camo. This is all I’m gonna say.

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