Dye C6 Men’s Paintball Pants

Paintball pants. There’s no complete outfit if those are not present. And if you want the best out there you should think about getting Dye ones. The C6 paintball pants are one of the highest rated pants on the market right now, and I say “one of the” because there are also C7 and C8 versions to follow. But that’s another review we’re talking about. As to the C6 – there are plenty of advantages and I’ll be lucky to find someone to complain about anything so I can share it with you. The pants are very light and you know how important that is if you want to be able to move fast. They are also very well padded and have great ventilation. It’s easy to clean them, too, so you don’t have to spend your next two days after the paintball game cleaning your gear. They are durable and you can rely on them not tearing up when you slide or crawl. But see the features for yourself:
• Heavy Duty Ballistic Knees – Will withstand the most aggressive abuse, built to last longer than the average paintball season.  Dye has also added reinforced joints for better flex and comfort while crouching or kneeling.
• Kevlar Flex Knees – Providing a maximum range of motion without being stiff, the Kevlar flex knees offer durability with movement
• Adjustable Waist – The adjustable waist not only allows you to change the fitting of your pant, but the internal elastic belt also acts as a small comfortable kidney belt.
• Front Venting – The core of your body generates the most heat.  So, it just makes sense to help ventilate this area.  Trust us, you’ll notice a difference.
• Triple Stitch – The seam has 3 times the strength of a normal stitched seam.  It’s a feature that adds longevity.  So you can get a full season from these pants…minimum.
• Inner Thigh Venting – Your legs host the largest muscle groups of your body.  During intense play, these muscles generate quite a bit of heat.  Inner thigh venting adds extra circulation to help you cool down faster.
• Vented Nylon – The entire back of the leg, from the knee joint down, is now vented nylon.  This large of an area can provide more circulation than your car’s air conditioner.  Well, almost.
• Swab Pocket – Holds standard flex swabs or stick swabs
• Adjustable Cuffs – Allow the perfect fit for any type of cleat
• Back Grip – Flex-ribbed, so your harness stays in place
• Reinforced Seat – Will extend the life of your C6 pant
• Hyper-Flex Yoke – Developed with maximum ventilation in mind, featuring a specially woven vented stretch design.
• Vented Seat – Perforated ballistic nylon to the seat of the C6 pant.  This unique material allows for even greater circulation
• Rear Air Channel – Help direct heat away from your legs
• Padded and Vented Crotch – Increased ventilation offers even more cooling comfort
• Vented 4-Way Stretch Crotch – Built with custom developed vented 4-way stretch nylon; the stretch crotch gives you a complete range of motion in all directions.
• Wrap around Sublimation – Style is always one of the top priorities.  New wrap around sublimation panels add color and a unique look to an already good looking pant
It’s a lot of reading indeed but you have to go through it if you want to know what it’s all about. So back to the short version – I don’t know if I have to mention the style here, but it’s simply awesome. Those pants (just like all the other Dye products) look absolutely great…especially when combined with the same jersey and gloves and stuff. Probably the only thing that can be strengthened in them is the knee padding which some players find a little thin, but I suppose that’s been settled in the next versions. Well’ they can’t be perfect after all. Colors are also available – blue, red and grey.They can seem a little pricy to some of you, though as the price is $79.94, but with the C7 and C8 out already I can assure you that this is the lowest price you will ever find them…well unless you want to wait another more year or two.