Eclipse ETek 07 Men’s Paintball Pants

Here’s a cheaper model of Planet Eclipse pants collection – the Eclipse ETek 07. Although they are not that great like the Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 pants they do deserve reviewing. And the “not that great” statement doesn’t mean I consider them some sort of bad pants…not at all, they too deserve to be put somewhere between the first ten great pants in the paintball world. Why? Well first of all they are a Planet Eclipse product and second of all they too posses everything you need from a good pair of pants. Everything that I pointed out in the Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 review works great for the Eclipse ETek 07 as well. It’s just that the Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 pants are a little bit better. But see the features, before I continue:
• Padded knee area
• X2 elasticated rear pod holders
• Adjustable waist
• Etek camo print
• Squeegee pockets
• Articulated rear section
• Padded lumbar zone
• Internal thigh protection
So the main differences here are the price, the just a little bit reduced quality and the design. But since we discussed the design so widely in the previous review there’s no way we let that difference slide without commenting it. So about the design…I thing it’s really nice…well, I’m not in love with it like I was with the Distortion 07, but it still is eye-catching, although I think they’ve done a much better work with the back side look than the front one. Anyways the pants look really nice and no white this time – they come in black/camo shade. As to the price it is $89.98 much more bearable than that on the Distortion 07. So again it’s up to you to decide, but I give those pants one absolutely positive grade.