JT Team Men’s Paintball Pants

Those are pants worth comparing to Dye and Empire. If we talk about good pants like Dye ones and Empire ones we know we’re talking about good high prices as well. But sometimes there is a product that can also be called good, but at the same time comes on a reasonable price. JT Team pants are exactly that product. Of course they are not better than the Dye or Empire, but considering the price are pretty good. Some say those are the most comfortable pants they’ve owned…I say they deserve the third place in that category (after the above mentioned two). Check the pants features before we continue:
• Constructed with 1000 denier fabric
• Kevlar-Mix knees with internal padding
• Ballistic nylon and sewn together with the toughest Nylon thread on Earth
Not too much of features included so let me fill that gap for you. the pants are strongly made although some people are complaining about the knees tearing up easily because of the lack of stretchy material around them, but those are insulated cases and can be just the “rotten apple” effect. The pants are quite well vented and can keep you cool in hot days just as well they keep you warm in cold ones. People consider them comfy mainly because of the net material on the inner side that keeps the rougher material away from your feet, but also because they are baggy and provide you that so important extra space. They are well padded, especially on the knees and the tights where you need it most. What I consider a flaw is the design, although many people find it great. I just think it’s kinda rough and edgy if that makes any sense to you. The pants cost $74.99 and as we already said this is a decent price, but you have to decide for yourself. The color choices are urban camo, black and desert camo. And for all you guys who like pink (I seriously doubt there are many of you) you are lucky as this is probably the only brand that has pink pants to offer, and not only that but they offer them 10 bucks cheaper for $64.99 (I sure hope I don’t have to explain why).