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Empire Invert 2008 SE Paintball Pants


Now here’s what’s supposed to be the Invert SS upgraded version (I’m sure you’ve heard that before, trust me there’s a reason for that). I’m sorry to tell you but what they changed here is only the design and the price. Unfortunately for them that means two points down – one for the screw up of the design and the other for the raise in the price. The pants are absolutely identical (don’t get me wrong they are truly some good pants, but there must be at least a little bit of difference so you can justify the price raise, right?). Well just so you make sure what I’m saying is right see the features (again):
•  Lightest weight pants we make….some may call them fast pants
• Wide hole belt loops! You asked for them we delivered!
• Custom Empire zipper pulls
• 1680 Durra knee construction padded and pre-curved with dual density foam protection
• We not only started the 4 way stretch panels above the knees but we have perfected it. These panels give so your pants don’t have to
• CB pad and waistband padding. You (and your girlfriend) will thank us later.
• Cinch cord cuffs because we know not everybody is the same height
• Colorfast custom Digi-camo sublimated polymesh panels
• Available in Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Do you notice any difference? If you do please tell me. So about that price difference – it is actually not such a big of a deal…10 dollars, but yet again it’s just for the change in the design. So at a total price of $79.95 you can feel happy to have the Invert 08 edition. Oh, and I just found another difference – the shades. No basic colors here – you can chose from Digi blue camo, urban digi camo, woodland digi camo, us army digi camo and red digi camo. I just don’t wanna say anything else. If you’re into giving 10 more bucks for different shade of pants that’s entirely up to you.

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