Empire Invert SS Men’s Paintball Pants

Here’s another brand making good paintball pants. Invert brand (if you haven’t noticed) is under the guise of Empire. This is why their products are so similar to each other. There are some differences of course (mainly in the price), but usually the products are as similar as possible. It’s no excuse here. The Invert SS pants are very similar to the Empire React 07. Basically the only difference is the design. Check the features before we continue:
• Ultra light weight
• Wide hole belt loops!
• Custom zipper pulls
• 1680 Durra knee construction, padded and pre-curved with dual-density foam protection
• We not only started the 4 way stretch panels above the knees, but we’ve perfected it. These panels give so your pants dont have to.
• CB pad and waistband padding
• Cinch cord cuffs because we know not everybody is the same height
• Colorfast custom camo-sublimated polymesh panels
It’s great that the Invert are so similar to the Empire React 07 cause if you’ve read the React review you know that there are very few flaws pointed out. Same thing goes for the Invert SS – they are very durable and comfortable pants, padded on the exact right places, greatly vented and really good looking. What’s better here is that they are just a little bit cheaper costing $69.95 (with 5 bucks difference it’s not that important, but I’m obliged to tell you anyway). You can get the pants in blue, red, urban camo and woodland camo, which is not so bad considering that the React SS come in blue, red and black. So basically if you want some good pants on a reasonable price this should be your choice. I’m not saying that they are better than the Empire collection, but they are certainly not stepping to much down of it.