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Evil 06 Men’s Paintball Pants


Evil 06 get great reviews with hardly any complain about them. Still there is another version out the 07 and even though it is considered slightly worse the 06 may be kinda hard to find already. Which is unfortunate as these are a great pants. They are strongly made and less likely to fall apart after just a couple of games like some other cheaper pants you can find on the market. The padding is good and on the right places so you’re safe from all those painful hits you can get. The pants are also pretty well vented and have plenty of pockets you can keep your stuff in. there’s not much of characteristics to show you, but anyway check what we have:
• New for 2006 cup-shaped articulated knee pad allows for perfect fit around pads and bare body
• Removable belt closure system with integrated biofoam 2 pod harness offers more secure fit
• Vented mesh for better movement and cooling
The pants look pretty good and to tell you the truth they look much better than, what should be their upgraded version – the Evil 07. There are some flaws, I dug up for you that keep repeating in players reviews – sizing is one of them. If you have another pair of pants and think the same size will be ok it may turn out that you are wrong. The Evil pants tend to be a size up of the one you actually wear (meaning that if you usually wear medium you should probably get small Evil’s so they can fit). This in many cases is not such big of a deal as there is a belt you can tighten, but if you get the pants too big there’s nothing that can help you (except maybe put in some more weight). Another thing that’s sort of bugging is that the pants need a lot of breaking in. The material is kinda rough on the skin and gets better after several washings – but it does get better. The best thing of the next version – the 07 – being out is that it actually drops the price for this one. Right now you can find them for $64.99 which you have to admit is not that bad. Before the 07 was out those were about 100 bucks – so you’re in a deal right now. The thing is newer and newer versions will come out constantly so if you decide to wait for the price to drop even more you may actually miss your chance. As I’ve said earlier those are already hard to find. And if you do find a pair it may not be the color you like (there are probably some red and blue left). So if you like what you’re reading, don’t wait too long to get them.

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