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Proto 08 Men’s Paintball Pants


Here’s the next generation of Proto pants – the Proto 08. I know it is gonna sound like something you’ve already heard but Proto 08 is absolute copy of Proto 07 except for the design. It’s not the first brand that’s doing it and it’s not gonna be the last by my personal opinion is that when companies are making a new product even if it’s just a sequel the product should differ from the previous one, be better than it. And I don’t call the change in the design a significant difference…even if that change is a good one. And it’s certainly not something that I’ll pay 30 more bucks for. Here are the features again:
• Adjustable waist with velcro closures makes a perfect fit every time.
• Inner leg venting keeps you cool under fire.
• Reinforced padded knee panels give protection against knee impacts.
• Vented cargo pockets allow you to carry what you need.
• Combination zipper and button crotch panel is padded and helps protect what’s important.
• Sublimated paneling on the sides keeps bright and clean after washing.
The Proto 08 cost exactly $89.95 and considering the previous review they’re simply not worth the money. Even the colors are the same…blue, red, black/grey and olive green. If you want the newest version that’s completely different story…just pay the extra 30 bucks, but if you don’t insist on having the latest you can just save those or buy some better pants for that same price.

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