PCS US-5 Electronic Paintball Gun

Some of you might think of this gun as a Tippmann A-5 copy. The thing is…that’s pretty much true except for the price. The gun is about $50 cheaper and performs as well as the Tippmann’s. Besides being very affordable the gun is also pretty steady and reliable. It shoots fast and has very simple layout and design. Of course it has its flaws as every other gun. The biggest one is probably that for cleaning the bolt you have to disassemble the entire gun which can be a pain as it has many screws you need to overcome. And then of course comes the part where you have to put the gun back together. That can be rather frustrating without a 3rd hand if you are new to such endeavors. After some time though you’ll get used to it. Other features include:
• 3 Firing Modes! – Semi auto, burst, and full auto mode
• Top tube – flip down for easy cleaning
• Field strip pins to remove clip
• Removable trigger guard
• 10 degree bottom line adapter
• No tools needed to switch clip
• Inline bottomline holes
• Iron sight (MP5 style)
• Adjustable fore grip
• Side cocking
• Uses Spyder/Piranha barrel threadz
Another great thing about this gun is that switching the modes is very easy and you can do it very fast which is always a good thing. As I mentioned earlier the price is really good. The gun sells for $179.00. Still for $129.00 you can get the same gun just without the burst and full auto mode. If you really don’t have these $50 to spare get the semi-auto mode…it will still do the work. The PCS has 1 year warranty and the customer service is on a really good level. So if you need a good gun that does not cost too much you should try this one. It’s worthy.