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PMI Piranha Eforce Evo Paintball Gun


Priced for $174.99 this gun is probably one of the cheapest on the market. People tend to think that if a gun is cheep it’s definitely not worthy, which is completely wrong. Yes of course you can find much better markers out there but if you’re bound by the price the Piranha is something you should at least try. The gun is pretty accurate and reliable. Problems do occur but usually you’ll be able to fix them yourself and it usually wouldn’t take much time to do it. Features:

• Tournament grade electronic with integrated anti-chop eye
• Powered by CO2 or N2
• Interchangeable threaded aluminum barrel with spiral porting
• Made of corrosion-resistant, aerospace grade aluminum with wear-resistant teflon finish on all internal parts
• Threaded removable vertical feed, closed receiver
• Electro mechanical trigger frame with LCD display, countdown timer, odometer, and anti-chop eye
• Powered by one 9v rechargeable battery
• Includes 9V Battery, Car and Wall Charger
• Custom vertical bottle adapter
• 15 + shots per second
So the gun is definitely not flawless. It’s not too gas efficient, the battery charge takes a lot of time, and you may experience problems with the trigger but for the price it goes it’s you can’t expect the best. Maintaining the gun is not so hard to do but still it will take you some time. It comes in red, black and black and blue and it goes with less than one year warranty. Overall if you need a gun but you don’t have much money to spare…you can consider the Piranha. My advice…do some more research. Maybe you’ll come up with something better.

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  • caleb November 29, 2010, 12:52 pm

    This gun is absolutely amazing for the.price.. a great rate of fire if you have a decent loader..this.gun has lasted me literally 6 yrs.and nothing major has gone wrong with it… overall great gun