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Empire Reloader B

The empire reloader is a very fast feeding hopper using force feed ways.This hopper has a given feed rate of 22+ and absolutely keeps up with it. It’s really an amazing thing to have and if you decide to get it you’ll absolutely love it. The loader is very reliable one. Rarely jams and causes any other problems. It comes with some great features like the sound activation that eliminates the need of an eye and allows the use of any paint – especially when it comes to darker shelled one. Because of it, it also seems to be a bit gentler on the paint. The other great thing is the Rip-Drive – you can read about it in the features. The loader allows you to use either 6 AA batteries or 4 AA ones. The difference is that with the 4 AA the thing gets a little lighter, but also a little slower on the bps rate. So here are the features:

-Sound Activated, no problems with dark shell paint. Also able to work through ball breaks in the hopper which would interfere with the eye sensors.
-Auto Turn off allows you to conserve power .
-Low Battery LED lets you know when to change batteries.
-Able to work with 6 AA or optional 4 AA batteries. The board adjusts the power to the motor depending on the batteries used. Using 4 AA batteries will make for a very light hopper.
-Stainless Steel Hardware
-Glitter Flake in shell
-See Through drive case you can now see the belt and gears work.
-Rip Drive Installed – You can now Un-Jam paint. Manual feed balls at chrono. And have a back up system if your batteries ever die during a game.
-3-Speed board.
-Achieves up to 22+ bps with any color shell paintball.

The only downsides people point out are the weight and the price. And yes the thing is heavy, but once you get used to it and see how great it works, weight won’t matter that much. As to the price, which is around $150, I think it’s pretty fair. It certainly is a lot of money to put on a loader, but the quality and performance of the Reloader B totally deserve it. If you can afford the thing don’t hesitate on getting it.

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