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Empire Reloader B Night Loader

The Reloader B Night Loader is especially designed for those “glow in the dark” paintballs. There is a light inside the hopper that charges up the “glow in the dark” paintballs so that they glow as you shoot them. Its made mainly for people that play night games and like using that kind of paint. And don’t worry that the light can give away your position – the hopper is opaque, which means you can’t see the light coming thru it. It possesses all the qualities of the Reloader B (check out the previous review if you haven’t) and is really something to be considered if night games are you type of games. Here is the given description for it:

“When you are using glow in the dark paintballs you will need a hopper that will activate these paintballs. This is the hopper that will do it! Plus this hopper has considerable speed as well. All of the standard features of the standard Reloader B hoppers.”

Just like the Reloader B the Night Loader is also pretty heavy, but again all it takes is some getting used to and you’ll be just fine with it. It’s also a little bit pricier as it costs $170. It’s a good loader and if you like it and can afford it you should get it. It’s simply the coolest thing to be able to rip a lazer beam of paint streight at the guy behind the 50 and then watch him glow green with envy (and paint).

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