Empire Reloader B2

It’s pretty obvious that the Empire Reloader B2 is the upgrade for the Reloader B. Not too many has changed, but there are some things I thought you should know about. As a start, the thing is way more sensitive than the regular B, and now you can use it with absolutely any kind of high-end gun no matter how quite it is. The board is way easier to work with than the old one used in its predecessor. You get less jams and the bps is a little bit higher. The B2 is just as small and light as the Reloader B so no changes there. Here are the features:

•    Polycarbonite diamond body construction
•    Reinforce feed neck
•    Soft-touch micro power switch
•    Adjustable sound activation sensitity
•    Spring driven, true force-feed system
•    Built-in RIP drive system

•    Standard Colors
Clear, Smoke, Black, Blue, Red

•    Diamond Colors
Clear, Smoke, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Currently you can find the thingy for about $130 depending on the place where you’re getting it. This is about $30 more than the current Reloader B price. It’s not a small amount of money for a loader, but it is the best on the market right now. And if you’re spending $100 on a Realoader B anyway what’s the $30 for its upgrade. Both are good loaders, I just can’t deny that the B2 is better.