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Torque Loader


Even though it’s new the Torque is one really high rated loader. People seem to like it very much and trust its performance and reliability. Just like given in the description below the loader is extremely light and durable one. Its screw-less design helps a lot with cleaning the thing, because there are no screw holes to catch paint. You get three battery options for it – one 9 v battery, two 9 v batteries or 6 AA ones. The battery life is great no matter which option you’ll choose. The speed – you may not believe it, but the thing does feed the given 30 bps making it one of the fastest loaders out there. Jams are usually not a problem, but since nothing is perfect we can’t really claim it is jam proof. If a jam occurs you can get rid of it very easily – just use the reverse switch – it really works. Anyway here is the manufacturer’s description for it:

“Hard Corps Torque Loader is the newest addition to the loader market for 2007. Made from quality ABS plastic it is both durable and light weight. At 1.01 lbs. out of the box, Torque is significantly lighter than it’s competition. Also without the need for a battery door and it’s screw-less design, Torque is incredibly easy to disassemble.
Now changing batteries and cleaning is your loader is made to be easy.
Internally, all of the gears are built into the motor assembly making the drive system unique as well and at over 30 BPS, Torque has no problems feeding quickly and efficiently. And, if a jam were to occur? The Torque has a reverse switch that allows fast, easy de-jamming.
With such highend features and the Torques 3D style and look this loader makes an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new loader or looking to upgrade from a existing model.”

The thingy does look good and you do have several color options for it. It’s very easy to work with and clean. It’s also one of the quietest loaders on the market. The only downside players find is its capacity. It holds around 160 balls which some find insufficient. The other problem again connected to the low capacity is that you have to wait till you are completely out of paint to reload it or it will over fill. Those are really the only downsides for this loader and I think you’ll like it very much if you decide to give it a try. You can get the Torque for about $100 which is not a small amount of money, but at least you know you’re getting a great loader that’s not gonna cause you any problems.

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