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Empire Reloader II

So here’s the Reloader II review I promised. The differences with the Reloader Hopper are mainly in the body design. The shell is made even stronger so you don’t have to worry about it breaking up. The lid is now magnetized and you get a contained battery door so you won’t loose it. Other than that the performance and reliability have not changed – the thing is good, but can’t compare to the latest pricier upgrades. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about their product:

“What’s the deal with a sound activated loader? An optical sensing loader “prevents” misfeeds while with the Reloader they simply don’t happen. While an optical loader basicaly acts like a regular gravity fed loader until it senses a misfeed and then rotates the paddle, the Reloader never waits for a misfeed to happen. Instead it loads a ball everytime the marker is fired, able to load up to 14 balls per second.”

This time being heavy is not the only thing people are complaining from. The magnetic lid I mentioned earlier is the other downside they point out. It’s actually a good feature, if only the magnets were strong enough to keep it in place. You have to be careful about that when playing or you risk loosing paintballs. The price of the Reloader II is around $45. The difference is not that much, but the upgrades are really not that worthy, too. Actually I find the previous one better. It’s up to you though. I think you’ll be happy with any of them.

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