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Empire Reloader Hopper

So that’s from where it all began. You’ve seen how it evolved – first into Reloader II (you’ll get that review next time) then into Reloader B until it becomes the Reloader B2. There’s no point to compare the Reloader B and B2 with the original Reloader as they’re way ahead in their making, but the original Reloader does have one advantage – the price. You can now get it for around $35 and that’s of absolute no comparison to the prices the other two hold. You should also know that the price should be the only reason for you to choose this one before the more upgraded and expensive Reloaders. Here are its features:

•    Sound activated hopper
•    Auto-adjusting sensitivity
•    Auto turn off after 30 minutes
•    Operates on two 9 volt batteries

The ting is pretty reliable though, and also pretty tough made. Although it’s claimed to hold 210+ balls the 180-190 is probably the correct amount. Of course you can stuff it up, but it will only cause malfunction, so you better don’t. It keeps a pretty good pbs rate though (at least for a base model) – 14-15bps. That’s plenty for many players. It’s a little bit on the heavier side and that’s something that hasn’t changed in the upgraded editions, but it’s something you’ll get used to. So if you can’t afford some of the newer and more expensive hoppers I think this one’s gonna be pretty satisfying for you. It’s something you can rely on and for the price it holds I think it’s great.

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