Proto Matrix Rail Paintball Gun

Proto Matrix Rail Paintball Gun, the opinions about this gun vary from one end to another. Half the people love it, half of them hate it. The gun has its ups and downs. It’s said to be fast, light, and pretty small, but many of the people who bought it think it’s not really durable and you can’t rely on it too much as it gives problems with the trigger and the air tank. Still, if you think the gun deserves a shot, check the other features:

• Black single piece Proto barrel
• Hyper2 in-line air regulator
• Anti-chop eye system
• Composite eyeplate
• 150 psi operating pressure with Boost Forward technology
• Continuous three-dimensional contoured body design
• Compact and light weight body styling
• Proto dual-durometer sticky grip
• LED program control
• Dual-durometer composite ergonomic 45 grip frame
• Re-engineered 1 piece bolt system
• Adjustable dual-durometer trigger sensitivity and rate of fire
• Stamped metal insert logo
• New PMR airport
• Adjustable locking dual-durometer feed neck
Many people like it and say that flows that others point out are just a matter of personal preference, with a few upgrades though you can turn this gun into a pretty good one. Still another point of view is that for the money you’re gonna spend on upgrading it you can easily go and buy something better. The gun is priced for $399.95 which is not bad, but as I said if upgrades are gonna cost you about $100 you can just save yourself the trouble and buy something better for $500. If you insist on this one you can find it in black, blue, red and olive green.