Proto Matrix 2006 Paintball Gun

Another Proto gun just this time no split minds about it. Seems like that in this version the company did a really good job as the gun is something you definitely wanna have on the field. It’s pinpoint accurate extremely light and performs really well. Even if you compare it to the DM6 it’s smaller, lighter and somehow better looking. Once you get it out of the box you’re gonna love it. Features include:
• Jaw dropping body style
• New balanced on/off bottom line
• Adjustable clamping feedneck
• New lower pressure bolt kit
• New and improved LPR
• Metal logo inserts
• Two piece barrel
• .5 inches shaved off the height and 4 oz. off the weight of the marker
Another great thing is its price of $549.99. And for the performance it gives you can easily say it’s under priced. Even if it costs double that price it still be worthy. So I don’t know about you but if I had to choose between PMR Special Edition and this one of the same company I’ll gladly give 50 more dollars and get this one. Colors vary from black dust, blue dust to red dust and it goes with 90 days of warranty.