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Proto Matrix Rail Special Edition Paintball Gun


If you’ve read the previous comment about the Proto Matrix Rail paintball gun you know about the people’s opinion about it. Well I guess PMR decided that they wanna do something with those negative reviews they kept getting so they came up with the Proto Matrix Rail Special Edition paintball gun which is just about the same if you check the features:

• Two piece Proto barrel – Clear back Black tip
• Hyper2 in-line air regulator
• Anti-chop eye system
• Composite eyeplate – Clear
• 150 psi operating pressure with Boost Forward technology
• Continuous three-dimensional contoured body design
• Compact and light weight body styling
• Proto dual-durometer sticky grip – Black Clear
• LED program control
• Dual-durometer composite ergonomic 45 grip frame
• Re-engineered 1 piece bolt system
• Adjustable dual-durometer trigger sensitivity and rate of fire
• Stamped metal insert logo
• New PMR airport – Clear
• Adjustable locking dual-durometer feed neck
The difference is that it comes with two piece Proto barrel, edge trigger, edge trigger frame and upgraded feedneck which covers pretty much everything that people were complaining about. Or if we put it in another words they’ve just upgraded the gun for you. Unfortunately they’ve upgraded the price too as the Special Edition costs $499.95. That’s a good thing for all of you that like the gun, now instead of wondering what upgrades you should do you’re just gonna buy it upgraded. And it comes in different shades such as black and clear, black and red and black and blue. Still for those who were on the negative side…for the same price as the upgraded gun you can go and spend the money on a different one.

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