Proto Matrix 08 SLG Paintball Gun

If you’re sick reading about all those expensive guns that you just can’t afford, let me introduce to you the PM SLG. You‘re not the only one that can’t afford a high-end marker and paintball companies know that – and since they’re trying to indulge everybody Proto decided to hit the market with the SLG. You can’t really compare it to the $1000 guns, but I assure you the little thingy has some potential. It is indeed little and that’s the first thing you notice in the SLG. It’s also very light and comfortable for use. There is always room for improvement, but for the price it’s offered – $199.99 I say it’s the deal of the season. Check out its features:
•    No-Rise Pressure Feed-Neck
•    Single Piece Proto Barrel
•    Anti-chop Break Beam Eye System
•    Orbital Rotating Sear Reduces Wear
•    Compact Lightweight Body Weighing only 2lbs 2oz!
•    Stamped Metal Insert Logo
•    New Self-Closing Valve (SCV) 2-Piece Bolt
•    Multifunction Self-Lubricating Force Button
•    Super Low 145psi Operating Pressure
•    Adjustable Reinforced Polymer Trigger
•    Ergonomic 45-Grip Frame
•    New Hyper3 In-line Air Regulator
•    Proto Dual-Durometer Injection Sticky Grip
•    Program with Four Tournament Modes
•    Proto Bottom-Line with Dovetail

•    Proto Reccomends compressed air with this gun
Yes, there are some problems that you should know about, but don’t let them scare you away from the SLG…you won’t find anything better for that price. Starting with the detents – they tend to wear down quickly, the hosing is another thing – people complain that it gets loose a lot. You’ll definitely need a new feedneck as this is probably the worst stock one possible. Some irritating factors are the noise and the kick, but they’re certainly not as bad as some other cheap guns out there. So really don’t let those things scare you off. Even for a spare marker this is something you should consider. And it comes in variety of shade too – dust blue, dust red, dust black, dust olive green, dust cobalt. The choice is all yours.