Proto Matrix PM8 Paintball Gun

If you own a PM7 and are looking for another gun, I say skip this review and go check some other brands. If you own a PM6, though and want to upgrade this is the gun you wanna get. I’ll explain. The PM8 is the newest Proto Matrix gun which is better than the PM7, but just too similar to be worth buying. It’s not the same with the PM6 though. The PM8 performs much, much better, looks much, much better and is even more reliable than it – it’s simply the best upgrade. Check out its features and see the differences:
•    Adjustable Locking Feed Neck
•    Matching 2-Piece Proto Barrel
•    Self-Cleaning Anti-Chop Break Beam Eye System
•    Compact and Lightweight Body Styling
•    Stamped Metal Insert Logo
•    Proven FUSE ™ Bolt System
•    More than 10% Lower Operating Pressure
•    Smaller LPR. Now with Vertical Adjustment
•    Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity and Rate of Fire
•    Ultralite™ Ergonomic 45-Grip Frame
•    New Hyper3™ In-line Air Regulator
•    Program Control with Four Tournament Modes
•    Proto On/Of Bottom-Line

If you don’t want me to compare it with the other Proto guns I can tell you that what you’re basically getting is a DM7, but smaller, with a Hyper 3 reg and fantastic design. No joking – the gun is that good. It looks amazing (it’ not too much different the PM7, but in my opinion it looks better). It also comes with the self-cleaning eye system, that you can find in the latest Dye guns…players just love it. But the best part still is its price – even though the DM7 is now cheaper than what it used to be the new PM8 still beats it. You can get it for $749.95, which is nothing but a great price for the quality and the performance you’ll get from this gun. The colors it comes in are: black, dust black to blue fade, dust clear, dust olive green and dust black to red fade. And if you wonder why aren’t there any negativities about it – I haven’t heard of any. Except maybe that it’s not available everywhere yet, but I’m sure that’s not a problem that’s gonna last for long.