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Proto M7 Paintball Gun


The Proto M7 is the next PMR gun. It’s not too much different from the PM6 but a little more upgraded which considering the fact that the PM6 is a great gun definitely comes as a bug plus. What’s different from the PM6 is that the PM7 is even shorter and lighter. Also the one pc composite eye covers are gone and replaced by 2 metal eyes plates which is very nice. And the trigger has been moved back which makes it even more comfortable now. There are some more small changes but as I said only to be a plus for the PM7. Check the features:
• New programming with 3 firing modes
• New settings and more sensitive adjustment levels that will allow you to tune-in your marker to your exact playing style
• Metal eye plates
• Clamp neck knob
• Low pressure bolt kit
• Metal logo inserts
• Two piece barrel
• Trigger placement is 3/8″ shorter than last years model, giving you more control by positioning your finger for optimal strength and speed on the trigger
• 1/2 inch shorter and 3.5 oz. lighter than the M6
The performance of the gun is even better than the PM6 one as the gun is extremely accurate has even less kick and is very reliable. It comes many beautiful shades you can pick from such as blue dust, black/blue dust, clear dust, cobalt dust, red dust, black dust, black/red dust and olive green dust. The gun is priced for $749.99 which can be a little pricy for most of you but for those who can afford it I know that the changes to the PM6 are not that big, but they are worth the price for sure, so you should definitely consider buying it.

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