Redz Paintball Chest/Back Protector

We went through so many jerseys that were supposed to protect you from bruises when you get hit that you’ll probably think it’s unnecessary to talk about more upper body protection. The thing is not all of the jerseys are made to keep your chest and especially back protected, meaning that they have padding only on the arm areas. Even those that are meant to protect your torso sometimes are not enough…especially if you bruise easy. That’s why we suggest you get some extra precautions and get yourself a chest/back protector. The first one we’re gonna review is the Redz Chest/Back Protector. Those are its features:
•    Lightweight Body Armor provides front and back protection and will absorb the sting of paintballs
•    Elastic shoulder straps and adjustable side straps to fit all sizes
•    Well ventilated flexible armor
•    One size fits most
What players have to say about it is that it really works. It eliminates the pain when you get hit from further distance and reduces it to minimum when the hit it’s from closer distance. You can also count on bounces while wearing it. It’s also pretty light, but unfortunately it’s not the most comfortable one. It feels pretty bulky and tends to restrict your movement quite a bit. Or if it doesn’t restrict movement it tends to slide up and becomes uncomfortable. Other than that it is perfectly reliable protector and it does the job it’s supposed to do. It’s not that pricy too. You can get it for around $30 and even that you’re not gonna look a whole lot of stylish at least you’ll be safe.