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Dye Men’s Paintball Slider Shorts


It’s only normal after the chest/back protectors we move to the lower body part protective gear. So we’re gonna talk about padded shorts and we’re gonna start with the ultimate ones out there – Dye Slider Shorts. Just like the chest protectors shorts are made to be worn underneath some kind of paintball pants and they alone won’t be enough to keep you as safe as you want them to (not to mention that if you decide to wear those with nothing over them you’ll most certainly be dealing with huge humiliation). Anyway, safety first, right – that’s why you want to get those exact shorts. Their protection level is above every other shorts protection level out there. The sides are awesomely padded and combined with the padding on the pants those slides doesn’t seem that scary anymore. Of course you’re still gonna feel the ground/the shot/the bunker, but it won’t be nearly as bad. They’re also perfectly vented and you don’t have to worry about the hot summer days. Check out the features:
•    Thick elastic waistband and stretchable lycra to keep them in position throughout the day
•    The soft, adjustable front pad will help keep the most important of areas protected
•    Comfortable athletic cut will allow you to quickly forget you are wearing them
•    Thick side padding helps defend against bunker rash and bruises when making that grandiose slide into your sweet spot
•    Anti-bacterial vented crotch area will help keep you cool and clean
The only complains about those are that feel a little tight. But I think that’s a matter of getting the right size for you. You have all the sizes available, you just have to assess the right one. And besides if they’re not tight they’ll be moving too much and get uncomfortable, right? As to the price – those don’t come cheap. You can get them for $59.95, but the price is totally worth the protection you’re getting. If you want the best you have to be willing to pay the price for it. And since guys are not the only ones that need protection Dye Slider Women’s Shorts are also available. They’re just as good as the men’s version and cost $50.00. It’s up to you, though, but my opinion is that those are definitely worthy.

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