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Maddog Designz Paintball Gun Chest Protector Vest


That’s the first out of three Maddog Designz chest protectors I’m about to show you. This one is the oldest version of them all, but it’s also the cheapest so I thought it’s worth showing it to you since not everybody can afford the expensive Proto or Empire. So this is one vest like chest protector made of mostly foam which makes it kinda bulky and not that comfortable. It does protect you pretty well though, so you can count on it for that. It’s “one size fits all” type and there are some elastic straps on the shoulders and the sides so you can adjust it to your body. Here are the specifications as given:
•    Molded foam vest
•    Padding on front and back for ultimate protection
•    Elastic straps at shoulders and sides to fit most sizes
•    Reversible. Wanna go black, then go black. Wanna go stealth in the woods, then go camo!
As I said it’s not the most comfortable chest protector out there. It tends to move a lot when you move especially if you don’t tighten it well. It’s also not that well vented…if we can talk about venting at all. Since you are protected only in the chest area and on the back the unprotected sides are the ones playing the venting role. Of course if you get hit there it is gonna hurt, but you can’t have it all after all. What you get as a bonus is that the thing is reversible. You get one side in black and one in camo so it’s up to you which one you wanna wear. It costs only $17.99 which compared to the other protectors out there feels like a present. That’s really the reason I’m reviewing it. If you can’t afford those pricier ones this one is gonna do the job…you just have to put up with the downsides.

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