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Empire 08 Ground Pounder SE Pro Shirt

empire-08-ground-pounder-se-pro-shirt-back.jpg empire-08-ground-pounder-se-pro-shirt-front.jpg

The Empire 08 Ground Pounder SE Pro Shirt is not exactly a chest protector. It has some padding on, but it’s designed to be worn extremely underneath a jersey. If you wear it underneath a sweater or something it’s not guaranteed that it’s gonna keep you safe from those nasty upper body hits. It’s made to complete the jersey and basically that’s all it does. The Shirt is long sleeved and made of stretchy, very breathable material designed to keep you cool and prevent sweating during play. Also the center of the back is made out of vented mesh material so your body can breathe easily and stay cool even with the jersey on. The two sides of the back has some padding on, but it’s very thin one and don’t count on it too much. The sleeves have a big silicone logo over some silicone checkered are and are designed to keep your arm pads on place (if you wear any) and won’t let them slide up or down your arm. On the back of the sleeve there is also a thin layer of padding that’s gonna soften the crawling or diving. The thing is really comfortable and light weighted. It’s available in adult Small through XX-Large size so you have your choice there. If you don’t like the heavy chest protectors, but still think the jersey’s not enough this is something you may wanna try out. Since it’s a brand new product the price is a little high – $49.95, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna drop soon. If you can wait – do it. If you can afford it just like that – get it.

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