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Maddog Designz 2008 Padded Chest Protector


So this is the second Maddog Designz chest protector and as you can see it’s the newest in their family. It’s definitely much better looking than the older one I showed you in the previous review. It’s also much more upgraded than it. This one is lighter and certainly more comfortable. Again it’s “one size fits most”, but the change in shape makes it more body friendly. The straps are bigger now and you can secure the protector more tightly which reduces moving and makes it more comfortable. The side protection is increased and is just as good as the back and chest one. There are no weak spots in this protector and I think you’ll like it very much. Here are the features:
•    Lightweight body armor provides front and back protection
•    Elastic shoulder straps and adjustable side strap to fit all sizes
•    Flexible Armor for easy maneuvering
•    One Size Fits Most
Unfortunately the venting problem stays – the protector is made of solid pieces of padding and now with the side areas extended venting is even worse. Of course that boost up the protection level, but the choice is all yours. With the 2008 protector you also loose the reverse bonus the older one had. This one you can get only in black. It’s better though. As to the price – you can get it for $29.95 which is not at all bad. If you can’t afford to pay $20 more for a better Proto or Empire this should do the job.

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