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Maddog Designz 2008 Pro Padded Chest Protector


The last of the three Maddog Designz chest protectors I promised you is again a newcomer. The 2008 Pro Padded Chest Protector is something very different from all the other Maddog Chest protectors. They’ve decided to follow the big names in the paintball industry and turn the old looking “one size fits most” chest protectors to multi sized t-shirt like ones. This is totally understandable if we take under consideration the advantages of those new models over the old ones. A t-shirt like chest protector is much more comfortable than the adjustable vest like one. It fits great when you get the right size and stays in place no matter how much you move. With it you get not only chest and back protection, but also side and shoulder one. It’s also made of material that is much more breathable and keeps you cool if not through the entire game, at least through the most of it. Not to mention that the weight is been sensitively reduced and now it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing an armor. Maddog did a great job with the 2008 Pro chest protector and it posses all the qualities described above. With it they’re managing to keep up with the big names and deserve to be put in top with them. Unfortunately for some of you good quality means also higher price. The 2008 Pro Padded Chest Protector cost $39.95 which may be beyond the financial abilities of many of you, but if you can afford it you should definitely consider it. It is well worth its money and you won’t regret if you decide to buy it.

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