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Empire Ground Pounder Chest Protector


This is the first of two Empire Chest protectors I’ll be reviewing so you get to chose which one fits you best. I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned that the Empire chest protectors are basically the best ones on the market right now, so if that’s your pick you can be sure you’re making the right choice. The best thing in this protector is that it fits just like a t-shirt and doesn’t restrict your movement at all. Seriously…at moment you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it at all…it’s that comfortable. It’s also perfect when it comes to protection. You have extremely good padding on the back and notice extremely good padding on the chest also. If you’ve read other chest protectors reviews you probably noticed that they’re not that perfect when it comes to chest protection. I can easily call this the ultimate chest protector, but then I’m sure Empire will totally prove me wrong when they come up with their next protector, so I prefer to keep my mouth shut when it comes to such superlatives. I think it’s time for the features:
•    Outer Arm/Shoulder Protection
•    Non-Abrasive Collar
•    Sublimated Logo
•    Sewn-In Foam Padding
•    Lightweight Breathable Construction
•    Unrestricted Mobility
•    Non-Abrasive Collar
•    Sizing is similiar to a t-shirt size

Available in

•    Youth Small/Medium
•    Youth Large/X-large
•    Adult Small/Medium
•    Adult Large/X-large
•    Adult XXL/XXXL

So you probably notice already that it’s not just your back or chest that is protected. Empire went even further and equipped you with outer arm and shoulder protection, too. Nice thinking. So I commented the easy movement and the great protection with the Ground Pounder Chest Protector, but you should know that the thing is also very light and well vented so don’t worry about that too. As to the price I think it’s pretty fair considering the quality you’re getting. The thing costs $39.99 which is like 10 bucks cheaper than the Empire 07 protector. Take my word – the Empire Ground Pounder Chest Protector is better, so if you’re planning on getting a protector at all it should definitely be your pick. Just make sure you get the right size.

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