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Kingman Body Shield Chest Protector


The next chest protector on the line is the Kingman Body Shield. This is one of the cheaper chest protectors costing around $25-$30 depending on the place you’re getting it. If you don’t have the money for Proto or Empire this is a pretty good substitute. It’s a t-shirt like protector and unfortunately unlike the Proto 07 where you got to choose a size with the Kingman Body Shield you have only one size available. I think that’s probably the biggest downside for this protector as obviously one size can’t really feel comfortable to everybody. Anyways if you’re a lucky one and the thing fits you well you should know that it’s gonna serve its purpose pretty good. It has great back and shoulders protection and you can be sure there won’t be any bruises at those areas. Before we continue here are the given features:
•    Makes you look and feel ripped!
•    Protects from the sting of paintball hits
•    Protection on the chest and back
•    22 Inches across chest
•    One size fits most
The thing is pretty light too, but it definitely feels strong and durable. It’s really well vented which is kinda important, as you know. Still, good venting usually means weak spots with less or no padding – yes, just like with most of the chest protectors out there this one is weak on the sides, too. Well, you can’t have both, so just deal with it and be careful when exposing those sides. Another thing on the downside is the chest protection – don’t get me wrong, it has the padding and it’s just as thick as it’s on the back and shoulders, but it’s a little bit loosen and placed far from each other giving a pretty good chance to be hit in between. Chances are 50/50 though and if you get hit in the padding you’ll be just fine. You’ll probably wear a jersey over it so that should also be taking a fair amount of the pain away, right? As I said this is a pretty good substitute for the pricier protectors out there and you’ll be better off having this than having nothing at all. Still, if you can spare some extra money and get a Proto or Empire don’t think twice.

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