Proto 07 Paintball Chest Protector

Before starting the review I want to emphasize on the fact that this is a chest protector and it’s meant to be worn under something – jersey is preferable. It’s not a full body cover so complains like “it needs some arms padding” won’t even be considered.
When comparing the chest protectors on the market right now I can without any hesitation claim that the Proto 07 chest protector is one of the best. Not only when talking about protection, but also when it comes to comfort. It probably has the best comfort level of them all. Just bare in mind that the Protector is made for a very snug fit and you have to get the right size for you, or it won’t feel right. It’s always best if you can try the product before getting it (this applies exclusively for this protector), so I can’t recommend internet purchases unless you’ve tried it on before (like if a friend of yours has one, or you’ve tried it in a store and you just want to get it over internet). But it’s a product well recommended. It doesn’t restrict your movement at all and at times you won’t even feel it. As to the protection level – the chest and back are perfectly protected although the padding feels a little light. The protector is long enough so you don’t have to worry about it coming untucked or anything. Still be aware that there is very little padding on the sides: just a small patch on the lower rib. Since your jersey is vented on your sides also, this means that your sides will probably have no protection. This is great for keeping you cool though; the breezes just blow right through the sides of your jersey and this chest protector. Also, there is no padding in the lower abdomen. If you’re wearing a harness, you don’t need any there. But if you’re not you have to keep in mind those potential nasty shots. People think that the protector is a little pricy, but I think $49.95 is not that much. We’re talking about protection after all. If you decide to get yourself a chest protector this one is definitely worthy. It’s absolutely my personal number one.