Empire 08 Ground Pounder Pro Slider Pants

So for those of you who think shorts and paintball pants on top of them are not enough for the protection they want the Empire came up with the Empire 08 Ground Pounder Pro Slider Pants. Those are again designed to be worn underneath paintball pants only they cover bigger area of your body. Beside the hip, thighs, butt and groin area protection now you also get knee and hip bones protection. I won’t go through the flaws again since they’re pretty much the same ones you have in the Slide Shorts. As to the advantages I already pointed them out – the extended protection area…the other are again just the same. So here’s the given description for those pants:
“We know how brutal sliding into the corner or snake can be game after game. We have designed this second skin to be worn under your player pants. Built on a moisture wicking football length stretch base, we have mounted EVA molded foam pads over your thighs, knees and hip bones. The built in knee pads are thin enough to put you current pads over and hold them into place or thick enough to wear stand alone on those soft fluffy green surfaces. We have also covered the crotch area with a removable foam pad to save the most valuable family jewels.”
The pants cost $55 and as you can see they come even cheaper than the Dye Slider shorts. Anyway I stick to the Dye recommendation. They’re simply better. Still, if you really think you need all that protection go for the Empire Slider Pants. Get also some additional knee pads and you’ll be pretty much bullet proof.