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Eclipse Ego 06 Paintball Gun – Gunmetal Free Blue Reloader B


The gun comes with a ton full of features. And if you’re looking for a really great tournament paintball marker you should definitely consider the Ego 06. The gun is really steady, ball on ball fast, has great efficiency, and is really accurate. If those things are not enough to convince you there’s another one for you – people buy this gun because compared to the others and the problems they create it’s a problem proof. And I mean it…if it actually causes any problems they are not gonna be something you can’t fix yourself. Still not convinced…check the features:
• Lower pressure operation – Larger volume of stored air in the valve chamber and in-line regulator allow operating pressure to be lowered by up to 50 psi
• Shorter Bolt – less reciprocating mass, and therefore higher cycle speeds
• Improved trigger design – New trigger loses 20% of its thickness and mass
• Improved reaction and quicker return – Centrally mounted prong improves resistance to trigger sensor contamination by light and debris
• Trigger contoured for easier, faster-for-longer string shooting
• Larger trigger guard gives more room
• Multiple trigger return options – all markers come with spring and magnetic return options. Simply adjust in magnetic or spring return mechanism.
• Integrated snatch grip – longer frame allows easier carrying and a more pleasing aesthetic design
• Integrated Dovetail Rail – On/Off mounts directly to the frame. No need for extra rail
• Rubberized Ergonomic Button Covers
• 06 Detents – larger detent base eliminates pull-thru and adds durability to the detent system
• New Body Profile – sleeker design, lower weight, and more style.
• New In-Line Regulator – longer and thinner, the new reg offers greater shooting comfort, added style and a larger internal stored volume.
• New improved circuit board for the new trigger system. *New mounting location (not interchangeable with 05 board) and new optical trigger sensors.
• Advanced Microprocessor – new microprocessor has more power, more memory and greater power saving features than those of previous models
• More Powerful Eyes – the new breech sensor hardware means that the eyes will work in virtually direct sunlight yet use only 20% of the power of the ’05 BBSS
• Improved Battery Life – battery life extended by as much as 63%, depending upon battery type and usage. Continuous tests at 10bps resulted in a 46% improvement over previous models
• Improved Battery Terminals – new ‘gripper’ battery terminal design is more durable and provides better electrical contact than on the 05 Ego.
• Thicker waterproof coating on the circuit board
• Improved Breech Sensor Logic
• Multiple Factory Debounce Settings – trigger debounce can be set on a simple scale of 1 to 5.
• Adjustable Trigger Hysteresis – along with the traditional trigger stops, it is now possible to set the trigger activation and release points within the software
• Peak Rate-Of-Fire Indicator – two ROF indicators to choose from. Full one second sampling to give “True” number of Balls-Per-Second or Peak Rate-Of-Fire. Peak ROF is stored after use for true “bragging rights”
• Improved Training Mode – breech sensor can be switched on and off in training mode and all parameters are ‘live’ for a true simulation without the bangs
• Improved LCD Readability – a new display font and larger BBSS icon improve readability

Tired of reading? Well you have to know by now that this is probably more than you can expect from a single marker. And of course it comes with its price which is about $1125 or if you do a little search you can find it for about $1000. It does sound pricy but it’s worth every penny. And beside silver it also comes in red and blue. Maybe the only flaw is that it tends to be a little loud but once you start shooting and see how great it performs you’ll quickly forget about that. And again if you’re looking for a real marker … you should definitely consider this one.

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  • Niccolas Estrada March 12, 2014, 7:37 pm

    Just bought one and would like to know how to change firing modes ! Any advice woulf really help!! Thanks!