Empire 2008 Ground Pounder SE Paintball Slide Shorts

There’s no place for comparison between those and the JT pair reviewed, but when it comes to real comparison I definitely put Dye and Proto before the Empire (when talking about shorts of course). Yet again those are cheaper so that pretty much levels the scoring. I have to admit that for the price you’re paying for them – which is around $35 – you’re getting some decent quality. The Shorts are nicely padded – still people are complaining about the groin area padding and think it’s pretty thin to provide the desired protection…it’s also removable which makes it kinda uncomfortable, but the other padding is really nice one. The shorts are not heavy and are made of material that does keep you cool and feels comfortable. If you manage to get the right size the shorts will fit very nice and you won’t have to worry about movement and discomfort. Here are the features:
•    Redesigned for 2008!
•    Removable Man Pad for those of you who dare to live on the edge
•    Contoured Air mesh hip panels to keep the raspberries in the produce department and not on your hips
•    Em-Flow mesh construction to keep the weight and heat out
•    Powerful performance moisture wicking material allows moisture movement for a natural and refreshing feeling
•    Available in sizes Small – X-Large
So besides the groin area padding being kinda thin another thing some players complain about is that the stitching on the padding falls apart easily, but if you follow the washing instructions I think that’s not gonna be problem. So that’s about it. as I said for the money you pay for them those pants are pretty good, but if you want the ultimate protection I suggest you go for the Dye or Proto ones.